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Many men prefer that what they wear to bed or under their regular clothes should be as comfortable as possible, so they choose their inner wear and sleepwear with utmost care. You might wonder what could go wrong when you are buying sleepwear and inner wear for yourself, but many times you might end up with clothes that are perhaps a tad too tight for your comfort or clothes that might chafe your skin. Hence, you must pay attention to the kind of materials and designs these wardrobe essentials feature before you buy sleepwear and inner wear. Let us look at the different kinds of options you can find online and the materials these clothing items are crafted from.


Types of innerwear


These are one of the most important and common items in a man’s wardrobe. Some of these also work as shapewear to hide those extra pounds and make you look more toned. Let us look into some of the most popular kinds of inner wear.

Boxer shorts – These items of inner clothing usually have an elastic or drawstring waistband and are essentially loose shorts that reach the mid-thigh. These garments come in a wide range of prints and colors and are even ideal to sleep in or lounge around in your home when it is too hot to wear pyjamas.

Briefs and trunks - They are mainly worn as the first layer of clothing to provide support to the genitals when you wear them under your trousers or during physical exercise. 

Bikini briefs - Bikini briefs could be the modern cousin of the regular brief. These, unlike proper briefs, leave the whole side of your thighs exposed.

Undershirts - Also known as a vest or singlet, an undershirt is a thin garment used to cover your torso. They are usually sleeveless and either feature a round neck or a V neck. Undershirts are mainly worn under shirts and t-shirts to prevent them from getting sweat stains. The ones in bold and bright colors with prints can be worn on their own over a pair of track pants for gym or jogging.


Types of sleepwear


Lounge pants – They are loose and have an elastic or drawstring waistband. They look somewhat like track pants but are usually crafted from materials like cotton or jersey.

Pyjama sets – These sets consist of either a shirts or a t-shirt and a pair of loose pants. They are usually are made from comfortable fabrics such as cotton, silk and cotton blends. Some of these sets also come with a wraparound robe for you to lounge around in.

Online shopping sites offer you great discounts on comfortable sleepwear and inner wear from various reputed brands such as Ariana Marena, Vans, Jockey, Hanes, FCUK, Jack & Jones, Rupa, VIP, Marks & Spencer and Calvin Klein. Right from cotton and silk to polyester and nylon, these online shopping sites also give you a wide range of choices in fabrics. The return and replacement policies of these sites make shopping for these wardrobe essentials more hassle-free. 


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