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Playing dress up is something every girl does when she is little. And in actual fact, a girl or a woman never stops playing dress up. A major part of this dress up entails complementing your outfit with the right kind and amount of jewellery. There are so many types of jewellery and are quite unconsciously a significant part of everyone’s life. 

If you sit down and ponder, you will take note of the fact about how most of the festive and instrumental occasions of one’s life is marked with a piece of jewellery. For example - when a man proposes a woman, he presents her with a ring to mark the occasion; when a couple gets married, they present each other with a ring as a token of the vows made to each other; a bride is donned in jewellery on her wedding day; on some occasions, different pieces of jewellery are gifted to friends and family as a token of appreciation, etc. 

But, how did jewellery come to be so popular and significant in our lives? The first pieces and forms of jewellery can be traced back to prehistoric times and was actually worn as a symbol of status. It is also believed to have been worn as an ornament to protect oneself from potential dangers. Ever since then jewellery has taken different form and meanings as the centuries have passed by. These changes have taken place depending upon every region’s cultures and traditions. Indian jewellery is extensively worn at festivals, weddings, parties, etc. 

The exciting journey of India’s jewellery began when artisans from centuries ago discovered the art of metal works, stone cutting, stone setting, enameling, filigree work, embossing, etc. And, that’s all it took for India to become one of the world’s most lucrative industry for jewellery designs and jewellery making. India has a strong heritage and tradition of jewellery design and making, and has always put forth some of the most innovative designs and styles. The different types of art employed in making Indian jewellery are kundan, meenakari, jadau, lac, pachchikam, beads, ivory, navratna, tribal jewellery and much more. 

What is Jewellery?

Jewellery is a mere piece of ornament or decorative object, such as a ring, earring, necklace, etc., that is typically decorated with precious, semi-precious or artificial stones. There are two types of jewellery that we can find today - precious jewellery and artificial jewellery. 

Precious jewellery

Precious jewellery is curated from precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum. Precious jewellery designs can be in the form of just the metal, or they are sometimes decorated with precious and semi-precious gemstones. The different types of precious stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The different types of semi-precious stones are jade, amethyst, turquoise, blue topaz, opal, pearl, bloodstone, coral, amazonite, apatite, aquamarine, citrine, agate, malachite, beryl, chrysanthemum and many more. Gold jewellery is one of the most popular form of precious jewellery. The most purest form of gold jewellery, i.e., 24 karat gold is usually mixed with another metal as 100% pure gold is too malleable and will not be able to hold its shape. Mixing it with another high-quality metal also enhances the jewellery’s longevity. Another precious metal is platinum, which is even more expensive than gold. Platinum too is mixed with other metals, such as rhodium, palladium, iridium, etc., to increase its stability. One of the other popular and least expensive form of precious jewellery is silver. Pure silver jewellery typically contains up to 92.5% silver. 

Artificial jewellery 

Artificial jewellery is another type of jewellery. Also referred to as imitation or costume jewellery, artificial jewellery is curated from different materials, such as metal, glass, wood, etc., and is usually decorated with artificial add-ons and stones. Artificial jewellery are more casual in design and style and usually come in handy for wearing on a daily basis. However, there are also artificial versions of precious jewellery. These jewelleries are available in a wide range of designs, colors, etc. The concept of junk jewellery has also caught on quite quickly. 

Different Types of Jewellery Ornaments

There is a wide range of jewellery ornaments available that women can use to accessorize, amp up a simple outfit or simply accentuate their beauty. 


Rings are worn around the fingers and are designed to snuggly fit one’s fingers. Rings sometimes have a significant value, such as a promise ring that partners exchange on their wedding day, etc. Worn by both, men and women, rings are available in different varieties, such as solitaire rings, semi-mounted, signet, flexible and adjustable rings, nugget, promise rings, spinner stack, contemporary, eternity rings, estate rings, plain bands, birthstone rings, claddagh, cluster, cocktail, posy, and much more. 


Bangles are traditional Indian ornaments that are worn around a woman’s wrist like bracelets and are quite an auspicious ornament in Indian culture,especially at Indian weddings. Bangles are available in so many different styles, designs and color combinations. 

Pendants or lockets 

Pendants or lockets are decorative ornaments that are typically inserted into a chain or necklace to enhance its beauty and look appeal. The different types of pendants are gemstone pendants, pearl pendants, gold pendants, silver pendants, diamond pendants love pendants, religious pendants, statement pendants, hamsa pendants and much more. 

Necklaces and chains

Necklaces and chains are typically worn around the neck and are made from different kinds of metal. These generally look elegant and add a nice touch to one’s overall look. The different types of necklace and chains are lariat, collar, matinee, platron, string, choker, statement, bib, opera, thread, princess and much more!


 Anklets are a fashion statement ornament that look like bracelets but are worn around one’s ankle. The Indian form of anklets are called payals that are mostly worn by married women and are typically made of silver. The different types of anklets are beads, lace anklets, diamond, leather, handmade cloth anklets, gypsy, studded, metal anklets and much more. 


Earrings are one of the most popular form of jewellery and are worn on the earlobe as a decoration ornament. Just a pair of earrings is enough to transform your entire look. Earrings are available in so so many different colors and styles, such as hoops, studs, clip-ons, chandelier, dangles, spikes, barbells, huggy, ear threads and much more.


Bracelets are also a type of jewellery and quite elegant. Typically worn around one’s wrist like a bangle, bracelets are available in so many different types, such as cuff, leather, charm, beaded, link, stretch, identification, multi-strand, tennis, pearl gemstone, omega, wristwatch, toggle clasp, shamballa, magnetic, liquid silver and much more. Of these types, charm bracelets are particularly popular because of how creative one can get with them. You can attach a pendant of your choice to transform a simple bracelet into a charm bracelet.

Nose rings look like earrings but are worn to decorate one’s nose. The different types of nose rings are the hoop, nose bone, l-shaped, nose screw and fishtail. 

Maang Tikka

Another elegant type of jewellery, particular to Indian culture is the maang tikka. These are typically worn by brides and are an integral part of their ensemble. The different types of maang tikkas are kundan, crescent, hairline hugger, jhoomar, one-tier, mughal, and much more. 

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The latest trend in shopping is now online shopping and this trend is here to stay. Though they are largely available at all your nearby stores, different types of jewellery are also available online at the click of a button. Shopping online is as easy as logging on to your favorite or preferred shopping website and typing in the product that you are looking for. A search result will then be generated based on the keywords that you have typed in. To further narrow down your search, you can make use of filters that will help you look for exactly what you want. Shopping for jewellery online is one of the best, convenient and easiest ways to get access to a wider variety, compare between prices, as well as the option to choose from among different brands and types. This way you can also avail the best prices and offers in the market. You also have a lot of payment options available and they are quite safe and secure to use. 

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