FootPrints Organic Cotton and Bamboo Mens Formal Socks Pack of 5-2 Black, 2 Grey, 1White

  • Anti Odour - Blended with Bamboo fiber which contains naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent Kun, It prevents the growth of bacteria which is the main cause of odour, hence making it odour resistant
  • Certified Organic Cotton-Made From Purest Organic Cotton which is Free from Toxic Chemicals, Hence No Itching or Irritation even after Continuous wear which makes them perfect for both sports or casual wear
  • Super Soft-Made up of Finest Organic Cotton with the help of Advanced Machinery Blended with Bamboo which makes it Super Soft
  • Quick Dry And Moisture Absorbing - Bamboo Socks wick nasty Moisture Away from the Skin, keeping Feet Fresh, dry and Odour Free.
  • Anti-Allergenic - Footprints socks are blended with ecofriendly fibers and free from toxic chemicals and dyes which are main cause of allergies and skin irritation



FootPrints Anti Odour, Anti Bacterial range of organic & Bamboo socks keeps your feet fresh and dry all day. Blended with Bamboo Fibre which are naturally antimicrobial, it prevents bacteria and fungus from cultivating on it, hence keeping it odour free. Not only our socks are odour free but they are super soft and absorbent, Just Perfect for continuous wear, Ideal for long day at office and for frequent travellers

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