Arrow Mens Calf Socks (Pack of 2)

  • Care Instructions: Machine and hand wash
  • 75% Cotton, 23% polyester and 2% elastane
  • Age Group - Above 15 Years
  • Suitable for formal/casual dressing for health care-aloe vera infused
  • Soft combed cotton with stretch spandex and aloe vera
  • Padded foot for more comfort
  • Italian rosso linked toe: the toe is stitched using the italian rosso system for improved durability and strength
  • Machine and hand wash




Socks infused with natural aloevera:- socks made from pure cotton infused with a moisturising, softening, complex containing natural aloe vera using g "micro en capsulation " process. the process:- micro-capsules containing natural aloe vera infusion are integrated in to the knit (stitches) of the socks. friction between the socks fabric and your skin braks open these micro- capsules over a period of gradual release..

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