Silver Kartz Combo of 2 Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses(Wy-001-005|50|Black, Brown)

  • Material Used: Light Weight Cellulose Acetate, Beta-Titanium Material Used To Make The Finest Frame, So That You Never Compromise On Quality, And You Feel The Smooth Spirit Around Your Ear While Wearing This Sunglasses Side-Arm Temple
  • Lens Technology: Composite Blended Nylon Used To Make The Perfect Pair Of Lens As They Are Up To 5 Times More Impact-Resistant Than Plastic Or Glass Lenses And They Provide 100% Protection From The Sun's Harmful Uv Rays. It Is Also Lightweight
  • Adding To The Comfort For Your Eyes So That Scorching Sunrays Would Never Affect Your Priceless Eye Vision. It Also Has "Uv 400 Protection" Which Blocks All Light Rays With Wavelengths Up To 400 Nanometers. (This Covers All Of Uva And Uvb Rays.)
  • Size Guide: Its Size Is Medium, It Can Fit To Any Mature Or Semi Mature Face, Lens Width Is 55Mm, Front Bridge View Is 142Mm, And Side Temple Width Is 136Mm. We Always Endeavor To Work On Sunglasses Sizes So You Can Find The Perfect Fit Sunglass According To Your Face Width. This Product Comes With 6 Months Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.Style: Wayfarer, It Is The Most Commonly Used Style Amongst All Age Groups Especially Youngsters
  • Face Type Recommendation: For An Oval-Shaped Face, Sunglasses With Their Stout Shape Will Counteract Your Face's Natural Length. For A Heart/Diamond-Shaped Face Classic Sunglass Is The Best Choice. The Thin Nose Bridge And Sunglass Rims Compliment The Delicate Shape Of The Face Perfectly. For Square-Shaped Face This Sunglass With Slightly Curved Frames Will Soften The Look. For A Round Face This Sunglass With An Angular Or Straight Shape Presents A Slim Effect And Make The Face Look Longer.





Wayfarers are a style of sunglasses with a more chunky design than that of aviators. They boast a distinctive trapezoidal frame with sturdy temple arms and feature plastic moulding technology. Crafted out of lightweight cellulose acetate and beta-titanium material, this pair of sunglasses delivers on both fronts: style and durability. Equipped with superior lens technology which also provides UV ray protection, this pair of sunglasses makes for a sound investment. The sporty design ensures that you will look stylish while sporting these frames.

  • Lightweight cellulose acetate and beta-titanium material
  • Composite blended nylon lens technology
  • Medium size
  • Superior UV ray protection



This pair of wayfarers boasts a classic trapezoidal frame that provides structure to the face for a more chiseled appearance.

This pair of trendy and classic wayfarers come with durable lens which are made up of composite blended nylon. The lenses are five times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass. Go backpacking and trekking and unleash your adventurous spirit while donning this classy pair of wayfarers.

Protect your eyes with this pair of sunglasses which is equipped with technologically advanced lens. The lens come with UV 400 protection which blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers. The lens block both UVA and UVB rays to provide a broad spectrum protection against UV rays.

Enhance and define your facial features with this pair of wayfarer sunglasses that provide a comfortable fit. The right pair of sunglasses can accentuate your facial features and make you look more chiseled and sharp-featured for a photogenic appearance. Look fashion-savvy with this trendy pair of sunglasses from Silver Kartz.

The unisex frame flatters the face shapes of both men and women. Flaunt your impeccable style in these unisex sunglasses from Silver Kartz. Pair them up with a semi-formal outfit and earn a ton of compliments for your sophisticated appearance.

This pair of trendy wayfarers come with smooth temples with a comfortable earpiece at the end which provide optimum levels of comfort. Invest in this pair of trendy wayfarers today and stand out amongst the crowd with your flawless sense of style!

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