Women, jogging, Cycling, yoga, Gym wear Tight/lower

  • Its a high quality very comfortable and stretchable fabric with elastic waistband of 2 inches which provide perfect fit and grip for lower. It is slim fit.
  • Kindly use Waist 28 inches- size 28, waist 30 inches - size 30, waist 32 inches - size 32 waist 34 inches = size 34 waist 36 inches = size 36
  • Length 36 inches
  • Slim, breathable material that is excellent for the all seasons.
  • Perfect For yoga, exercise, fitness, cycling, stretching any type of workout and sports, or everyday use. Recommended for all seasons



Stretechable ,soft, Skin friendly, 4way stretchable fabric for gym and casual wear

Rs. 550 /-   Rs.800/-

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