Esc Microscope Camera Digital C-Mount Adapter Hd Magnification trinocular Binocular Medical Laboratory Eyepiece

  • High Resolution Sony Sensor - 1.2 Megapixel with Menu adjustment switch which can adjust colors and brightness
  • Superb HD Resolution which provide aharper details even at high magnifications by microscope like 1000x
  • Compact Mobile Design For Student Microscope , Laboratory or Medical Instruments Usage
  • C-Mount Camera Mounting Adapter ( Lens not included )
  • Output : - Direct BNC RC Video Output.; 2 Mtr. Video Cable and DC12V power adaptor provided

ESC Mini C-Mount Medical Camera with Sony sensor for high Resolution, Its Compact design makes it suitable for its application in medical equipments and microscope. Dimension:- Height 50mm. x Width 50mm x Length 48mm. It is very easy to use. It has direct BNC Video Output which can be connected to any LCD or TV directly. To connect it with laptop or pc, any TV Tuner card can be used.

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