Airking Fisheye Panoramic VR IP Camera WiFi Wireless 360 Degree 3D 1-3MP Network Camera - White

  • LED BULB WITH PANORAMIC CAMERA: Elegant & modern LED bulb with integrated 360 panoramic camera. Constant 360°surveillance captures everything without need of manual rotating. Best spy camera looks like a bulb.
  • POWERFUL MOBILE APP : Full control of camera & LED lights through mobile application to enable the 3D view of your world on your fingertips. Switch ON/OFF & change LED light visibilty from mobile App.
  • NO NEED OF DVR or HARD DISK. Just plug the camera with power supply and monitor the live view on your mobile phone & PC
  • All videos and images are saved in SD card.
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING: With the built in speakers and microphones, you can conduct two-way communication.

When it comes to security of your family, choose nothing but the best. World's leader in CCTV & Security Alarm Systems. Model: Littlelf LF-P1s is an advanced smart home security camera with HD Images and Videos 1MP 1280x720p is suiatable for home, shop, offices and business etc. Troubleshooting Steps :- 1) Verify Camera and connections. 2) Discover Ping and Camera 3) Know User name and Password 4) Check ARP tables 5) Confirm no IP conflicts 6) Reboot Camera 7) Check Cabling 8) Factory Reset Camera 9) Use Product manual before use the product.

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