QRAFTINK Womens and Girls No Show Mercerised Cotton Socks (Multicolour, Free Size) Combo of 4

  • Set of 4 Socks : Set of 4 no show unisex socks for men, women, boys and girls made of premium soft mercerised cotton.
  • Size : These unisex liner socks are stretchable and fit upto UK size 10, US size 12 and Euro Size 45.
  • Cool & Dry Feet : Designed keeping the Indian feet, socks have ventilating mesh that helps in keeping the feet dry and cool.
  • Silicon Grip System : The silicon system provides excellent anti-slip grip from behind. It helps you in walking without any hitch.
  • Enhanced Support : Due to the presence of well-knitted arch band (shown in the image), the socks remain in place and provides a comfortable fit.

Qraftink no show socks are unisex loafer/liner socks in three different colour code pairs. These are made available for you in very vibrant colours after a lot of research. The socks are made of premium mercerised cotton, which is soft and keeps your feet dry and cool at the same time. The socks are designed in a fashion that will give you a great experience. Silicon system is installed in every pair of socks to give you a great hold while you are walking or doing a sporting activity. It is designed keeping in mind the Indian feet. It can stretch upto UK size 10, US size 12 and Euro size 45. There is a well-knitted arch band to keep the socks in place and Y-head to improve the fit. We have put in a great amount of R & D to develop these socks. Our mission is to create a global Yoga and sports brand, originating from India, which delivers nothing but the top quality product. At Curveit, our mission is to always, no matter what, deliver a product of the top most quality. Namaste!


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