Pink Pari Blue Silicone Dual Sided Back Scrubber Double Chopping Belt Scrubber Washer Bath Cleaning Tools

  • Your skin will remain young, for both women and men under shower or bathing
  • Body scrubbing side reverses to a nubbie side for a spa-like massage experience
  • This scrubber can clean every inch of your body,and give you salubrious feeling
  • It is made of silica gel and it is tough and durable even cleaning you feet without bending
  • This back scrubber can clean and make massages to your entire body

When you consider how hard it can be to clean your back fully with an ordinary back sponge,it's no wonder that so many people end up suffering from acne and rough skin in this difficult-to-reach area.Now,there is finally a way for you to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate every inch of your back with ease in the shower.Our Back Scrubber is a combination back washer and back exfoliator for women and men unlike anything you've used before. Our back scrubber for shower cleansing is an extra long strap made from 100 percent natural rubber,and there are several features:- Lather up body wash or soap with ease - Purify skin along the back and wash away dirt, oil and sweat - Remove dead skin gently, yet effectively - Eliminate rough patches due to dryness - Promote clearer pores to act as an anti acne back scrubber easier to use than a conventional back loofah,the Back Scrubber is outfitted with double rope handles.Just take hold of each one and gently move the back exfoliator for men and women back and forth.

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