Brayden Fito Rush, Portable Power Blender with 4000mAh Rechargeable Battery and 7.4V Motor with Transparent Glass Jar, 330ml

  • COME WITH ME : Bespoke design making a powerful style statement,FITO RUSH is more than just a blender. It’s a fashion accessory. You can carry me around but do follow me (to Gym,Office,Cycling or a Sport).
  • STERILE HYGENIC : Hi-Gloss Pristine Glass Blending jar is safe, step away from micro-plastic particles. Clarity of blended fruits is a delight to watch while blending.
  • "FAST CHARGE,LONG ACTION – Rechargeable 4000mAH battery can be charged fast within 4-6 hours. With single charge FITO RUSH blends up to 6 times of your favourite fruits or a shake. "
  • BLEND WITH POWER - Two touch button initiates TURBO6+ Blade system with 7.4v motor action operating at High RPM minces soft fruits to a blend in just few minutes. Shakes with milk is even faster.
  • COMPACT STYLE – Pristine white body with pink gold trim is elegance at large.Matt pink flat line twist cap with carry around ring adds oomph factor. Silicon ring in the cap ensures zero spillage while you carry around

ANYTHING, EVERYWHERE – Protein shakes for your gym, fruit infused water for yoga, booster juice for your office, milk shakes for your breakfast, mixed fruit juice for your cycling-FITO RUSH can come handy!

Fun to make

  • Smoothies - Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry
  • Milkshakes - Vanilla, Chocolate Blend,  Mixed Berry, Fig, Marshmallow, Oreo
  • Protein Shakes - Mass, Vegan, Diet, Whey, Soy
  • Fruit Juices - Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Guava, Banana
  • Vegetable Booster - Carrot/Cucumber, Tomato/ Celery, Spinach/ Lemon
  • Baby Supplements

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Discover fun of nutritious juices, smoothies or shakes with Brayden FITO RUSH Rechargeable Blender.

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