SPC Plastic Multipurpose Cosmetic Toiletries Travel Bottle Kit with 4 Empty Refillable Bottles(White, 50ml)

  • No need to lug around large bottles, tubes and cans that contain an excess of lotion, liquid, gel and cream. Cut down on weight and keep everything organized with this Cosmetic Toiletries Travel Kit containing 4 empty refillable bottles (50ml) and 2 cream jars
  • If you wish to keep all your toiletries and cosmetics neatly stored, this top notch travel bottle set is exactly what you need. The travel cosmetic bottle kit includes 1 Transparent Zippered Bag, 1 Spray Bottle, 2 Flip top cap Cosmetic Bottle, 1 Lotion/Shampoo Bottle and 2 Cosmetic Jars. Cap prevents the spray pump from spraying liquids accidentally.These atomizer spray bottles can be used for perfumes, rose waters, body fragrances, tone
  • These plastic travel size bottles can be used in countless ways. They are ideal for storing your lotions, gels, face and body creams, shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, perfumes just to name a few. Moreover, they can be effortlessly cleaned and refilled
  • These travel bottles and jars let you take only your chosen cosmetics and toiletries with you when you go outdoors on long trips and tours, short vacations. You need not take packaged tubes and bottles with you that may take up storage space. These bottles come very handy as they fit inside your purse or handbags, ready to be used when you feel the need
  • Get these safe, spill proof travel bottles and protect your bag from turning into a reeking mess. These superior quality plastic toiletry storing bottles are sturdy and leak-proof which makes them ideal for travelling. What is more, they can keep their content intact and perfectly secure
  • Bring along your essential hair and skin products when you travel with the Best Toiletry Travel Bottle Set Keeping all your creams, lotions, essential oils and beauty cosmetics perfectly organized has never been easier. This top notch travel bottle set that includes everything you need in order to safely store your toiletries.

  • Incomparably Handy and Practical Travel Bottles To Serve All Your Needs If you wish to keep all your toiletries and cosmetics neatly stored, this travel bottle set is exactly what you need.

  • All these toiletry and cosmetics storing bottles are made of finest quality plastic. They are clear allowing you to see the content. What is more, they are reusable and very easy to keep clean.

  • This travel bottle set can be used in limitless ways, serving all your individual needs. Use these travelling bottles to store your perfume, face or body lotions and creams, shampoo, medicine, hand sanitizer and anything you can think of to freshen up on long travel tours or short vacations. This cosmetics bottle set comes in a clear toiletry bag which you can use to have your toiletries with you anywhere you go.

  • Package includes: 1 50ml empty mist spray bottle, 1 50ml Lotion Pump Bottle, 2 50ml Fliptop cap Bottles, 2 Cosmetic Jar, 1 Zipper Pouch, Self Adhesive Labels

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