Orient Electric Knight 70 Litres CD-7003H Desert Air Cooler


  • FAN BLADES WITH AEROFAN TECHNOLOGY - Made using high-grade materials, and inspired from Orient Aero Series Fans, these special blades ensure optimum air circulation that too with minimum noise.
  • DENSENEST TECHNOLOGY HONEYCOMB COOLING PADS - Thanks to DenseNest technology, Orient Air Coolers have lesser gap between the cooling filaments. This helps in retaining 45% more water which leads to 25% better cooling.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - Low Power consuming, inverter-compatible fan and pump motor ensure uninterrupted cooling without incurring high electricity bills.
  • PREVENTS MOSQUITO BREEDING - Water tanks are the breeding ground for mosquitos. To avoid this, they must be cleaned regularly. But that's with other air coolers. Orient Air Coolers use a special solution which prevents the breeding of mosquitos so that you have a good night, every night.
  • ADVANCED WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - One of the key features of an Orient Air Cooler is its even water flow distribution system. This unique water system delivers water to cooling pads, in no time, which results in faster cooling. But that's not all. You also get maintenance-free operations for months, with no hole clogging, and of course, cool air.




    • The new-age Orient Air Coolers are designed keeping you in mind. Let's begin from the outer body. The colours and designs are nothing less than revolutionary. In fact, they don't look like your average air coolers. They come with AeroFan Technology as well as DenseNest Technology that give you maximum cooling with minimum . wastage of water and power. Plus, they also come with 3-Side cooling pads, 3-stage fan speed adjustment, a simple but tastefully designed control panel and durable caster wheels for easy maneuverability. It's time to switch on the Orient Air Cooler.




        • Unlike an air conditioner, which releases harmful gases, Orient Air Coolers are one with nature. They consume less power and water, make minimum noise, but give maximum cooling to ever corner of the room. So, park yourself in a comfy chair, put your feet up and enjoy the cool air.


          • Product Specifications


            Air Delivery (Cu.m./hr) : 3650

            Air Throw Distance (Feet / Meters) : 60 ft. / 18.3 m.

            Cooling Medium : Densenest Honeycomb

            Wattage : 190 W

            Water Tank Capacity (Liters) : 70Ltrs

            Speed Control : H,M,L

            Blower/ Fan size : Fan / 16 inch

            Castor/Trolley : 4 Castor Wheels

            Auto Fill : Yes

            Water Level Indicator : Yes

            Ice Chamber : Yes

            Fragrance Chamber : Yes

            Prevents Mosquito Breeding : Yes

            Anti Bactirial Tank : Yes

            Anti Bactirial Filter : Yes

            Dust Filter : Yes

            Vertical Louver Movement : Motorised

            Horizontal Louver Movement : Manual

            Mode of Operation : Manual 

            Dimensions [L X W X H] (cm) : 61.2 x 43.0 x 124.8

            NET WEIGHT (KG) : 16.5

            GROSS WEIGHT (KG) : 19.0

            Warranty : 12 Months

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