Bathla X-Pres Primo - Large Ironing Board with Aluminised Ironing Surface (Grey)

  • ALUMINISED CLOTH COVER: The aluminised ironing surface utilises the latest in heat-transfer material technology to reflect heat and save up to 40% electricity and time!
  • ANTI-SKID SHOES: Specially designed PVC shoes give you unrivalled surface grip and stability while the ironing board is in use.
  • INNOVATIVE WIRE MANAGER: The strategically placed wire manager helps you keep annoying wires out of your way while ironing, ensuring your comfort and effectiveness.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT IRON HOLDER: The iron holder is built to resist high temperatures and is specially designed to cradle your iron when it needs to be safely kept aside.
  • LARGE MULTI-FUNCTION TRAY: A built-in, extendable tray is always within easy reach so you can conveniently stack clothes while ironing.
  • STEPLESS HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: The innovative height adjustment handle allows you to adjust the height of the table to suit your convenience, and locks firmly in place once adjusted.

The Bathla X-Press Primo Ironing Stand is built from high quality materials for extended durability. The ironing surface is a super efficient metal mesh top with a proprietary aluminised cloth surface that absorbs and reflects heat saving you over 40% of your time! It also comes with a large extendable stepless height adjustment and a multi-function tray for stacking clothes. The innovative wire manager ensures that ungainly wires don't come in between you and your ironing. Bathla - Over 50 years of supporting homes.

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