3d Creations Aluminium Espresso Stove Percolator 6 Polished Cups(Silver, 300ml)

  • Brews six cups of coffee
  • Durable aluminium material
  • Includes permanent filter basket
  • Handle and non-reactive interior
  • Silver coffee percolators

This aluminium percolator has enough room to brew 6 cups of coffee. This percolator features a durable aluminium material with a matte finish that gives it a classic appearance. Other highlights include a comfortable handle and a non-reactive interior that keeps any unwanted odors or tastes out of the water. You can use the percolator to brew your favorite type of coffee, whether it's french roasts or flavored coffee.Used on gas stove fantastic coffee in 5 min 6 cup = 6 cup black coffee made aluminum (polished) 6 cups (300ml) south indian filter degree kaapi/coffee machine or percolator /perculator or italian espresso or decoction coffee maker cup or moka/mocha maker

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