Dresatr Automatic ABS Electric Rechargable BPA-Free Drinking Water Dispenser Pump for 20 Litre Can (Black)

  • Electrical cum inbuilt battery dispenser works on standard water cans and dispenses water. Push it gently, very convenient ,no leakage and doesn't drip
  • Built-in Li-ion 1200mah rechargeable battery. Up to 2 hours of continuous water discharge .after full, the battery lasts for the whole day and works during power cut time also can be carried along with water can on the move. Helpful during local outing, picnic. Adaptable fitting on all standard bubble top cans
  • No installation or remodeling of house required: easy to fix and use facility provides instant water dispensing. Convenient quick discharge button
  • Press the button for 3 seconds and you can get 600ml water suitable to fill your water bottle
  • It is portable and lightweight, supply you a easy way to drink water

Drestar Electronic Drinking Water Pump fits pretty good on most standard bottled water size.It is portable and lightweight easily supply drinking water.

Battery operated Automatic Water Dispenser

Built-in Li-ion 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery

Up to 2 Hours of Continuous Water Discharge

Convenient Quick Discharge Button

Single Hand Operation

Easy to Use ; Child Friendly

Wireless Opeartion

Ergonomic Design

Extra Long 6 Feet Micro USB ( V8) Charging Cable - Compatible

Chrome Finish Discharge Spout

Easy to Install ; Store

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