Gray Maple SKS 1749 Digital LED Kitchen Weighing Scale with Measuring Bowl (Black)

  • High precision single sensor. Auto on-off function ensures the conservation of energy. The tare function allows you to measure the weight of any substance in a container accurately without weighing the container itself
  • Comes with 3 AAA cells. Battery Change required if the LED display does not light up or shows low battery indicator. LED Screen: 72 × 35 mm. Along with the extra-ordinary functional features, the minimal and sleek design of SKS 1749-A1 enhances the décor of your kitchen
  • It holds 1 L of liquid and enables you to measure in ml and oz. It comes with food grade plastic. The large surface area of the bowl allows you to measure bulky ingredients for the dishes. It can be hung conveniently, and the bowl perfectly fits on top of the steel weighing platform
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel platform accommodates different types of containers. Weight Measurement Capacity: 7 kg with prompt overload notification. Available Measurement Units g, ml, lb, fl. oz, oz

First in the industry to develop one-of-its-kind unique kitchen scale, brings you sks 1749-a1. Loaded with convenient features, it will bring out the in you be it the delicious cake you're trying to bake or the barbeque on a weekend afternoon or the crafty smoothies which you've been craving for, sks 1749-a1 is built to make your time in the kitchen productive and worthwhile with its extra-ordinary performance and sleek, minimal aesthetics which enhances the decor of your kitchen it extends 1 year offsite manufacturer warranty. It comes with 3aaa cells and with its 7 kg weighing capacity for solids or the precise and oz measurements for the liquids, sks 1749-a1 can measure every type of ingredient for your dishes accurately with its high-precision single sensor. It has 72*35 mm LED display, anti-skid bottom and tare function that allow you to keep different containers for measurement and auto on-off to save energy. The bowl - keeping your cooking needs in mind we have carefully crafted its finishing. The bowl provides a large surface area for bulky food items and has a 1 capacity. You can measure liquids in ml and oz and the unique design enables easy pouring. It can be hung at a convenient place, perfectly fitting the weighing platform and is made up of food grade plastic.

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